1. They transfer our baggage to the next plane. We _______________ carry it.

2. Passengers_____________ use portable telephones because they interfere with the planes’ electronic equipment.

3. Passengers _____________ smoke on the plane.

4. You _______________ take out travel insurance, but it’s a good idea.

5. This meeting is very important. We _____________be late.

6. We’ve got plenty of time. You ____________ hurry.

7. You_____________ return the car to the place you hired it. You can return it to another Hertz garage.

8. If you haven’t got an international license, you ____________ drive.

9. You __________ pay to drive on motorways in England.

10. We can buy a ticket at the station Sentences.. We ____________ book in advance.

5 Fill in the blanks with the suitable words:

1. Whenever you want to go somewhere by plane you should ________ on a flight to your destination.

2. You may take a single, open return or _____________ ticket.

3. You may travel by first, business or _______________ class.

4. Before boarding the plane you should ___________ your luggage at a __________ desk.

5. At a check-in desk you are required to have your _____________ weighed.

6. A uniformed clerk attaches a special _________ to your luggage and gives you a ______

7. After checking-in your luggage will be put into the ____________ of the plane.

8. If your luggage weighs more than allowed Sentences., you are supposed to pay for the __________ .

9. The announcer will announce when and at what ____________ your flight is boarding.

10. If often happens that a … on a flight is due to _____________ weather conditions.

6 Refresh the expressions:

How long does it take smb to get (go) to …? It takes smb … minutes to get there.

a Ask smb and let him (her) answer in accordance with the model. Use the words given below.


How long does it take you to … from … by plane?


the metro?





- It takes me … .

A – to the theatre, cinema, market, department Sentences. store, museum, central park, nearest suburb, hotel, London, Paris.

B – from the office, University, metro, central avenue, central square, Kyiv, Odesa.

C – 20 minutes, an hour and a half, half an hour, about a quarter of an hour, not more than 15


7 Look at the plan of an airport terminal and complete the gaps in the directions below with a suitable preposition.

Turn left/right go straight on go past take the first turning on the left/right carry on/keep going until you get turn into to catch to give a lift go towards go across go round go through go into Sentences. go out of

1. (At the entrance) Are there any cash dispensers here?

Yes, you go ______the post office and bank and they’re just on the right.

2. (At the cash dispenser) Is there anywhere I can post this letter?

If you go ________ the entrance there’s a letter box in the wall next to the Post Office.

3. (At the letter box) Excuse me, where can I get a trolley?

Go _______the terminal building and they’re just outside on your right.

4. (At the trolley park) Could you tell me where the Quantas check-in desk is, please?

Yes. Go Sentences._______the entrance and you’ll see lots of check-in desks in front of you. Quantas is the third one.

5. (At the Quantas check-in desk) Where are the telephones, please?

Go past passport control and ______ the café: they’re just on your right.

6. (In the café) Is there anywhere to get something to eat in the departure lounge?

Yes, there’s quite a big restaurant. When you’ve gone _______ passport control and security, go _______the lounge and you’ll see it.

7. (In the restaurant) Could you tell me where the toilets are?

Yes, go _______the back Sentences. of the duty free area over there, and you’ll see them.

8 You have been living in Paris for 10 years. Suddenly you get to know that your former group mate had won a trip to Paris. You feel surprised and excited. But unfortunately you can’t visit her at the airport because of a very important business meeting. Advise your friend the best way of getting from the airport to your house. Use the phrases from the box above.

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